Modern leather sofa buying guide

Published: 20th February 2012
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What was once a luxury material only to be found in expensive sofa shops has now become a more affordable choice available on the high street - the modern leather sofa. New technologies in the dyeing process mean that a wide variety of colours, which used to be difficult to find, can now be seen in their abundance. Vibrant red leather sofas and cream leather sofas prove to be a popular choice for customers but the modern black leather sofa still dominates.

For a contemporary feel, new, uniformly textured leather sofas are best, offering clean tones without the blemishes and scratches found on unprotected hides. Some uniform leather sofas are coated with a protective layer to guard against the absorption of moisture and allows for spills to be easily wiped away from your leather sofas.

It can be baffling at times to know which leather sofa will sit best in your home as each may be styled to suit either the modern or traditional living room. By looking at the armrests this can give a good hint. Box shaped armrests are usually found on modern leather sofas, providing clean, straight lines which are often found in contemporary architecture and design. Cushion style armrests can also work well by softening straight edges. There are rounded armrests too which can have a very traditional feel and would be perfect if youíre after a little nostalgia in your home.

Youíll be doing a lot of sitting on your new sofas so itís important to get this part right. If youíre after a firm seat, a foam filled seat may be best which offers a good level of comfort but will avoid sinking. The very best suspension on offer is pocket sprung seating where springs are wrapped in their own individual cotton pockets and are able to move independently to one another. Youíll pay more for these sofas but it may be worth spending that little bit extra to get the feel of luxury.

Choosing the right size for your living room can be very important as some sofas can be larger than your doorway and could prove difficult to manoeuvre into your home. Itís possible to find sofas specially designed to fit through doorways by having detachable armrests or backrests which are then easily clipped together to produce a good family sized sofa. Itís best to always measure up before purchasing your new leather sofas. Take a measurement of the room you plan on having the sofas and begin thinking about a few positions you could have them if you were to rearrange the room in the future. On the day of delivery, try to create a clear access into the room to help yourself or the delivery team out.

Three seater sofas provide adequate size for a couple or small family. Youíll find very good deals sofa packages where youíll save anything up to £100 rather than buying sofas individually. Most retailers will offer a combination to suit you so itís best to ask. Two seater sofas are the perfect accompaniment to a three seater sofa and tend to be the most popular combination with some of the best deals to be found. Some three seater sofas are designed with two large seat cushions rather than 3 individual seats which can create a wider, larger feel to the sofa.

In short, take time to choose your modern leather sofa and you'll have a great piece of furniture that will last a long time.

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